I can not say enough to describe the experiences we have had with Granite Office, since becoming a customer of theirs back in 2008. They are simply amazing! We are about 50'ish employees strong, and therefore don't have huge needs when ordering supplies. No matter, if I'm ordering 2-3 items or our monthly shopping, the staff are very personable and professional.They treat us like we are their most valued customer.I like that....a lot! I'm very impressed with the same day delivery when ordered by

LeLe   |   LeLe

I have been pleased with Granite Office. The website and ordering process is easy to work with and understand. The people are friendly, helpful and personable. I don't feel like we're just another business out there. They take the time and communicate with me. The delivery people are pleasant and accommodating, and I love that I can order in the morning and it is delivered by afternoon. Thanks Granite!

Donna   |   Donna

I have had very positive experiences with Granite Office. If I need something in a hurry, they get it right out to me. Everyone there is very pleasant and knowledgeable about their products. I have nothing but good to say about their service. Excellent Company! I would highly recommend them.

Debbie   |   Debbie

There is a reason that Granite Office is on my speed dial. With their friendly customer service, low prices, and free same day delivery; competitors will never take away my loyalty to Granite Office. Each person in the office is friendly and helpful. When I am in need of a special item, I know they will be there to help! I would recommend them to an yone working in an office setting.

Julie   |   Julie

You are, simply put... The best!! Your service can't be beat by anyone!! Would not change anything!! Thank you!!

Laurie   |   Laurie

Every time I call for an odd ball item you guys always come through with what we need. You go above and beyond to make sure that our needs are met. You aree the greatest!

Kaylen   |   Kaylen

Even when I say I'm not in a hurry for the items I'm ordering, they still get to me, sometimes before the end of the day. You are amazing!!!

Kolette Heath   |   Kolette Heath

Excellent! Excellent!! Excellent!!! Along with the top notch customer service, once I ordered a different toner number than I continually order and I received a call asking if it was the one I want because I usually order another number. Excellent pro-active company.

Diana   |   Diana

I am very pleased with the EXCELLENT customer service. I had ordered toner's on seperate orders and unaware of a rebate program until it was brought to my attention by Granite. THANK YOU!!!

Iloia   |   Iloia

I have been so happy with Granite Office. They have the BEST costumer service I have dealt with. I've really enjoyed working with our account manager. He is so responsive. Answers my emails quickly and is able to get me the best prices. The return, exchange policy is so easy and always willing to work with you.

Vanya Porter   |   Vanya Porter

I called yesterday at 4:30 pm in a PANIC needing some 3 ring binders. I believe I talked to Ali on the phone and she found stock in the warehouse of 11 x 17 binders. I didnt even think they made them any more. I needed them ASAP and had them in my hands at 5 pm!! AWESOME SERVICE GUYS!! You saved my butt for sure.

Devvon Hines   |   Devvon Hines

Granite office is AWESOME!! Best service always and super friendly staff!! Ordering is a piece of cake and they are always so quick to deliver everything I need. Thank you Granite for being simply the BEST!! You Rock!

Maria   |   Maria

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