Our History

We started Granite Office in October of 2007. Do you remember what life was like back in 2007? The first iPhone had just arrived and you didn’t have a tablet. When you wanted to watch a movie you went to Blockbuster or had Netflix send it to you in the mail. Facebook was just becoming mainstream, Twitter was born and neither Pinterest nor Instagram existed. When people spoke of clouds they were mostly talking about the weather.

The world was also walking collectively to the edge of an economic cliff. Up to that point we were all feeling good about our 401(k) and the value of our home. Heck, we were feeling confident enough to risk it all and start a company. There was Garth Hood, Lee Mercer and Robin Taylor. We all came from another small office supply company and decided we should try and build a business of our own.

To accomplish this we created a business plan and spoke to Zion’s Bank. They believed in us enough to give us an SBA loan. With that little confidence boost we found ourselves a building, bought a couple delivery vans, put in some telephones and setup our website. It was time to make our dreams come true...I guess this just shows how small some of us dream.

Our first official order was delivered Monday October 1, 2007 to Leslie at Edwards and Daniels Architects in downtown Salt Lake City. The order included one case of copy paper, a few boxes of Kleenex and a bottle of 409 cleaner. I should remember since I delivered it, although I did have to look up the details. That was over 100,000 orders ago now.

Our initial plan was to sell office supplies to our customers and provide them with an easy way to order through our website and give excellent customer service from a local source right here in the Salt Lake Valley. Since then we have expanded into office furniture, custom print, promotional items, janitorial supplies and breakroom supplies. Despite all the changes we’ve been through since 2007 our plan has not changed. We want to provide you with the best solution for the supplies your business needs in Utah.

Thank you to all of our customers for your trust. We understand we are only as good as our most recent delivery and we want to earn and keep your business for a very long time.

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