Return Policy

Granite Office Return Policy:

Ever been scared to return an item to a store because of how unpleasant it can be? You have to go to the special counter and explain why you are returning the item. Sometimes it can feel like you are going to court to fight a speeding ticket. And then the frustration of not getting a refund if the "judge" decides your case isn't valid...

Yeah, we've been in your shoes and we hate that as much as anyone. So while we wish returns didn't have to happen, we understand that mistakes occur. Our goal is to make returns a simple and easy process for everyone involved. Here's how we do it:

Local Customers:

  • Hopefully you consistently order from us and you know our drivers and see them frequently. When you have a return make a note on your next order like, “Please pick up return of…” When our driver comes to deliver he will see the note, locate the return and bring it back where we will issue a credit memo. Simple and painless.
  • If you have a special circumstance to have us come get a return we can also do this. Just contact us.
  • If there are any issues we will call and work out the best solution.

Non-Local Customers:

  • Returns will need to be scheduled and will be picked up by the best method possible. Once we have returned the item and received acknowledgement of the returned product we will issue a credit memo.
  • Unfortunately there are shipping costs for returns and these will be your responsibility.
  • If there are any issues we will call and work out the best solution.

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