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Call it a necessary evil, a pain in the backside or what have you. Either way there are some things that just have to be done which is why we call it work. So take advantage of the sales we have on our top selling file storage boxes and tax forms. And say hello to […]

 Meet Chad It’s our latest edition of #MugShotMonday and we finally got a hold of Chad. He was very reluctant to talk so we had to grill him to get any sort of information about why we brought him in and what makes him tick. Here’s the breakdown of the line of questioning: What are […]

So I was selling office supplies and office furniture for about 3 years at a small company in Salt Lake City and things were going pretty well. Making enough money in sales to support my family and feeling good about the progress I was making. Then some interesting things happened at work and it started […]

Budgets are a funny thing. You set them at the beginning of every year to have a benchmark of how much to spend. Sometimes you claw to save every penny to barely get by and other years there seems to be plenty and you end up with a surplus come December (or whatever your fiscal year […]

Good sales people are hard to come by. My dad actually helped me get an interview with a local copier sales company after I graduated from college. I don’t remember the guys name, but I will never forget the interview. First of all it was apparent that this man had zero interest in hiring me. […]

Introducing the HP Officejet Pro X Printers   Are you ready for the latest innovation in the printing world? Where should we start: Worlds fastest desktop printers with print speeds up to 70 pages/minute Half the cost/page (click here to run the cost savings comparison feature) Mobile printing enabled and ready for the cloud Expandable […]

So it’s our birthday and we are always excited about it. With every anniversary comes the realization that we are still around and still progressing towards our goal of being the biggest and best source for office supplies here on the Wasatch Front. It’s been 7 years since we first started Granite Office and there […]

When the folks at 3M invented the Post-It note they had no idea how great of an invention they had created. A small piece of canary yellow paper with adhesive on the top edge. Simple, useful and so many possibilities. Fast forward to 2014 and there are hundreds of items in the sticky note category. […]

Trying to get hold of one of our sweet catalogs? Well, we do have a selection for you to choose from. Here are your options: Our full line office supplies catalog that weighs 10 pounds and has 25,000+ items to peruse. Also serves well as a monitor stand, paper weight or for exercising in the […]

Why Water bottles? Because they make sense and cents. We installed a water filtration system in our office to reduce waste and cost. Just another step in our quest to be environmentally and economically responsible. We are also a Salt Lake City certified e2 Business. Our philosophy is that making money and preserving the environment […]

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