Granite Office Supplies is proud to be a Salt Lake City certified e2 business. What this means is we are committed to doing business in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

Our philosophy is that making money and preserving the environment are not mutually exclusive ideas, in fact, they can go together. This allows us to be very competitive on pricing for our customers and still provide the services you need. And your company will reduce its environmental impact by doing business with us.

At Granite Office Supplies we are always striving for the win-win situation. Call us today (877-505-4050) and find out how your company can save money and resources by doing business with Granite Office Supplies.

GO Green! Granite Office promotes  eco-friendly products.

Here are a few of the things Granite Office Supplies is doing right now to GO green:

1. Paperless invoicing and statements – less paper, less mail, less resources used for delivery and quicker retrieval by customers

2. Natural Gas Delivery Vehicles – significant reduction in emissions, reduced delivery costs which allow us to provide free delivery and maintain our free same day delivery policy (once you go to same day delivery you will wonder what you did without it)

3. Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky Business Partner – in May of 2009 Granite Office Supplies committed to offset at least 50% of our electricity with wind power credits (granted, this one does cost us more, but we want to reduce our environmental impact)

4. Free pickup of electronics for recycling – we have partnered with SBK Recycle (a local electronics recycling company) and now offer free pick up of electronics (click here for details)

5. Free pickup of empty toner cartridges – toner cartridges are very easily recycled and should never be thrown away, just have them available for our drivers the next time he brings a delivery

6. Free pickup of used cardboard boxes – we use a lot of them for deliveries and it keeps costs down if we don’t have to buy them

7. Cardboard and paper recycling program – all of our paper and cardboard waste gets recycled (we used to go so far as driving vanloads of cardboard down to the recycling center, but now are fortunate to have a paper dumpster on site)

What is e2?

e2 stands for:

  1. environmentally sustainable
  2. economically sustainable

We are committed to providing products that meet our customers needs and meet the e2 criteria. With Granite Office Supplies you won’t have to pay extra to help the environment. We will continue to search for and offer products that help you get your work done in an e2 way.

5 easy ways to
  • Purchase Recycled Products; look for the symbol
  • Recycle Used Toner Cartridges – never throw them away, give them to our drivers when they bring a delivery and we will recycle them
  • Set up an office recycling program using special “Waste Containers”
  • Use “green-approved” cleaning products
  • Buy from Granite Office Supplies to help reduce vehicle emissions and paper usage
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