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Granite Office Open House

It’s our inaugural open house and we want you to come!

  • Prizes include tickets to Rocky Mountain Raceway, Luke Bryan and more

  • Free samples from all the many categories we offer

  • Lunch provided by Costa Vida restaurant

  • Meet our team and representatives from our key suppliers

  • Wednesday June 8 from 11:30 to 1:30

  • Please RSVP to

Granite Office Open House Email 2



9to5 Seating Cydia Lounge
Premier Office Chairs By 9to5 Seating

We are proud to announce an excellent line of office chairs.

9to5 Seating offers high quality at a great value.9to5 Seating Cortina and Vesta

See for yourself. We have a showroom and you can come see what makes the 9 to  5 Seating line special.
9to5 Seating Strata

  • Made in the USA
  • LEED NC Gold Certified
  • Build Your Chair Online with Chair Designer

Clearance Rack 2015

First Come…First Saved

It’s time to clear out some old inventory and make room for the new year. We’ve put together a nice list of items that are amazing deals. There are office chairs, report covers, crayons, pens, staplers, Post-It Note holders, tape dispensers, certificates, Sharpies and Rolodex desk organizers. The Clearance Rack is loaded up right now and we keep it updated throughout the year so come and come often. Check out our Clearance Rack by logging in and clicking on the “Clearance Rack” link found in the upper right of our store.

Like any clearance rack these prices are only good

for the items on the rack.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.


Surplus SavvyBudgets are a funny thing. You set them at the beginning of every year to have a benchmark of how much to spend. Sometimes you claw to save every penny to barely get by and other years there seems to be plenty and you end up with a surplus come December (or whatever your fiscal year end happens to be). Having a surplus is a good problem to have.

In the years when you are fortunate to have a surplus the question is how best to handle it? If you save the money then next year your budget will be cut and if you frivolously spend then that can also catch up to you. The key here is balance. What can you wisely use your budget for to hit the sweet spot between reckless spender and future budget killer?

So here are a few examples of what I would deem as appropriate budget surplus use (keep in mind you are reading the blog of an office supply/office furniture company so I apologize for the bias):

  1. Use resources on items you know will be used in the future
    1. If you are a title company that uses a ton of copy paper then why not set yourself up for next year’s budget by stocking up on copy paper.
    2. Toner is another high ticket item for a lot of you so get some cartridges on this year’s budget. While doing so make sure you are taking advantage of any rebates and other programs for toner. HP almost always has rebate offers on laser toner where you can get cash back or gift cards to places like Macy’s or Shell Gas Cards. We keep the latest rebate information loaded here on our site. HP also has PurchasEdge which will help you acquire hardware from points you earn buying HP toner.
    3. Year end means tax forms, filing and file storage. Yeah, we sell all of these items as well and we can help you find the best one for your situation.
    4.  Whatever the items are the idea is the same; just make sure to use these funds on items you know your company will inevitably use.
  2. Longer term items
    1. Has someone in the office been using the worlds worst office chair? Maybe it’s time to do them a favor and replace it. If you aren’t sure what they may like we can help. We have some great options from inexpensive up to full feature fancy chairs from 9to5 Seating.
    2. One of your coworkers has an extremely cluttered desk? Desk organization products might help make this person more productive and help the sanity of the office.
    3. Printers run down? This is another larger ticket item that is best to purchase before it’s desperately needed so you can take advantage of the best bargains when you see them. Like right now HP is offering a buy one get one free on their latest Officejet Printers. These are an amazing value proposition for smaller offices (10-15 users) especially when you can get 2 for the price of 1 till the end of this year.HP Officejet Pro Buy One Get One Free copy
    4. We recently purchased a new Keurig k-cup machine and a new fridge. Both of these items had been requested by our coworkers throughout the year and because our budgets have performed well we decided these would be a good investment. With a budget surplus you could stock up on coffee or other breakroom items that everyone will thank you for. It’s more fun to work with happy people then grumpy people.

Being budget savvy will pay dividends over the long term. Heck, if you get good enough at it maybe they will make you the CFO:)

If you are having trouble with expenses in your office we can help. We have a number of tools to help you control spending and ensure proper use of company funds. Here are just a few:

  1. Software controls including budgets, cost centers, administrative approval, restricted purchasing lists etc. Basically, if you need it we can setup your account with it.
  2. Account reviews – your sales rep can and should be helping you accomplish your goals of how to handle purchasing of supplies. If they aren’t then ask them to. They have the tools to help optimize your account and recommend things that will make your work life better.Granite Office Super Helpful Sales Rep


Anniversary 2014_FB Post

Seven years is long enough that we aren’t afraid to say how long we’ve been in business. We celebrate every anniversary because it is exciting to see our dreams becoming reality. Without you as a customer we wouldn’t be here so we want to give you the gifts. The celebration will last all month long so stay tuned. Here’s what we have going so far:

  1. We have our Post-It Note Mural or Art contest going on through the end of this month. It’s a chance to express yourself and win a $250 gift card to Kneader’s Bakery & Cafe.
  2. We have our list of anniversary items on sale including our little buddy the BSN32954 tape dispenser for 50 cents each. This little guy holds a special place in our hearts and will be part of our sale every year. To find all the items on sale just click on the banner ad when you login. There are some really good deals and the prices will last till the end of this month.
  3. Next week we will have some other fun perks to announce as well…a nice coupon code perhaps?!
  4. The last week of the month we’ll show some amazing deals on clearance furniture. Be ready for that.

HotMesh Sale

It’s hot outside. Gotta have a way to beat the heat. Granite Office Supplies and Furniture has mesh chairs, desk fans and even mesh desk accessories.  Because there’s a whole lot more to being cool than temperature.  You also won’t burn your budget with these prices. If you have another hot pun to submit please share it with us here or on our Facebook page cause we are suckers for a good pun:)


Have you ever wanted an office chair that responds to your every move? You have got to try these chairs out. They are extremely comfortable and you have never sat in anything like them. All at a price point south of $300. We offer them in the Skeletor-esque open back or with a closed back. Either option has the same functionality and feel it just comes down to personal preference. We have both in our showroom and we would love to have you come try them out. Our showroom is located at 1955 S Milestone Drive in Salt Lake City. And if you come to our showroom you will also find some great deals on close-out office furniture that isn’t even on our website.

Don’t forget that office chairs from Granite Office always come Built Not Boxed.

Because you want a chair not a box.

Last and certainly not least here is your coupon code for $20 off your next online order of $200 or more. The code to use is: HotMesh! This coupon is good for one order per customer and expires on August 8.


It’s back and it’s better than ever! We had so much fun doing this Facebook contest last year we decided to ramp it up and make it even more fun. The grand prize will be an iPad mini prizepack with an iPad mini, folio case with bluetooth keyboard and external bluetooth speaker. And that’s just the grand prize with many others that have been donated by our sponsors. We owe a big thank you to the manufacturers that have supported this tournament.

Our sponsors are:

  • Compucessory
  • Pilot Pen
  • Fellowes
  • Avery
  • Smead
  • Elmer’s
  • Esselte
  • Crayola
  • Sharpie
  • @theoffice furniture
  • Rayovac
  • Bic Pens

The contest will run in a similar style as last year with some tweaks to keep it interesting. Get registered, get your bracket filled out (check out the Official Bracket Packet if you need), read up on the Official Rules and the schedule for the games, find out what it takes to win and get a gameplan ready.

You have until March 25th to get registered and fill out your bracket so do it quickly. At a minimum you will have some fun and, hopefully, you will also get to take home some hardware for your efforts.

May the best gameplan win!!

HangItAll Sale


A new year and you need some new things to increase productivity in the office or to make space for new people. Let’s see:

  1. Get a new desk, chair and whiteboard
  2. Get it at a great price and have it Built Not Boxed for free
  3. Get the whiteboard installed and ready to use for only $20/board with HangIt4Me
  4. Get on with the rest of your tasks and consider this done. Check!

Do all this quickly with a local source and feel good about who you are buying from. Wanna see the product yourself? Come by our showroom and tell us what you are looking for. We can help you determine what fits your budget and help point you in the right direction.

Or keep on searching the web trying to find that smoking deal and then worry about freight damage, building the chairs and hanging the boards yourself…sounds fun!


GO Catalog 2014 Tess

Trying to get hold of one of our sweet catalogs?

Well, we do have a selection for you to choose from. Here are your options:

  1. Our full line office supplies catalog that weighs 10 pounds and has 25,000+ items to peruse. Also serves well as a monitor stand, paper weight or for exercising in the office.
  2. Office furniture catalog that shows off quite a few lines of furniture we have. A good starting point for ideas if you are in the market for furniture.
  3. School Supplies catalog for the educational group. If you were wondering how many colors and versions of Pacon construction paper we carry then this catalog is for you.

Contact us and let us know which catalogs you need and we will be happy to help out.


GOing GOing GOne sale banner


With 2013 winding down we are cleaning out our warehouse and showroom. This gives you a great opportunity to save big on lots of items. We’ve got smokin’ deals on office furniture as well as great buys on office supplies. Feel free to find these items on our website in the Clearance Rack or come by our showroom to see the furniture for yourself.

You can’t turn back the clock and once these items are gone…well they’re gone.

Oh and if you come looking for a coupon code you came to the right place.

Get 10% off any order of $250 or more by entering “GOne Baby GOne” when you checkout.




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