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Granite Office Open House

It’s our inaugural open house and we want you to come!

  • Prizes include tickets to Rocky Mountain Raceway, Luke Bryan and more

  • Free samples from all the many categories we offer

  • Lunch provided by Costa Vida restaurant

  • Meet our team and representatives from our key suppliers

  • Wednesday June 8 from 11:30 to 1:30

  • Please RSVP to

Granite Office Open House Email 2




Meet Steffany

We’ve had Steffany on our radar for awhile, but it’s time to release our findings on her case. Although “Steezy” has only been a GO team member since last year she has definitely made an impact. Here’s the official rundown of questions:

1. What are you in for? “Stealing a Granite Office mug.”

2. What hot beverage do you like in your stolen #GOMug? “Green Mountain Breakfast Blend (GOL06784)”

Granite Office GOMug Breakfast Blend copy


3. What’s your favorite office product? “Mouse and keyboard wrist wrest so I won’t get carpal tunnel.” (CCS23717 and CCS55151)

Granite Office Ergonomics Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


4. What do enjoy most about your job? “I love to save companies money on their office supplies.”

Steffany started with us as an order processor and quickly took to sales. Within a matter of months she has made the jump to full-time sales and is not looking back. We are thrilled to see her progress and are confident that she will continue to help us grow. So if you are searching for a good source for your office supplies you should talk to “Steezy”! You should also congratulate Steffany because she is getting married coming up next month!

FYI you will most likely see Steffany looking like the first photo above. The crazy stare found below was the result of Steffany and her partners in crime, Kylie and Aly, doing their best impression of someone that just got booked. Feel free to share a caption for any of these photos and we will post the best ones.



 Meet Chad

It’s our latest edition of #MugShotMonday and we finally got a hold of Chad. He was very reluctant to talk so we had to grill him to get any sort of information about why we brought him in and what makes him tick. Here’s the breakdown of the line of questioning:

  1. What are you in for?  “Being Awesome” While this statement is true we were kinda hoping for a fake crime that he committed. Since we are the Granite Police and police brutality is all en vogue right now we decided to make up his crime. We have indicted him on Suspicious driving of an unmarked cargo van and illegal distribution of a controlled substance (steroids).
  2. What’s your street name? “What?” We’ve heard him called the “Chadinator,” “Chadanooga” or “Chadahoochie” by only his closest friends.
  3. What hot beverage do you like in your Granite Office Mug? “Hot Water” …. speechless on this one …. totally speechless ….Granite Office #MugShotMonday Chad Prows
  4. Favorite Office Product? “Mountain Dew Voltage” This may have been his only real answer on the survey, but we can vouch that he loves the stuff.
  5. What’s one thing you love about your job? “Lots of paper lifting so I can get my pump on” At this point I can’t recall where Chad’s answer to this question starts and our insertion ends, but Chad does like to lift weights and stay in shape.

Chad has been a driver with us for 3 years. Not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but he is tall. Like a lot taller than the rest of us at 6′ 6″. If you want to realize how short you are then you should hang out with Chad. He’s also a lot of fun to play basketball with. He’s probably fun to lift weights with, but I wouldn’t know because I don’t know what a weight room looks like. He is a very fast delivery driver and has been able to do any route asked of him ever since he started.

My personal favorite story of Chad was when I drove his car home to him several months ago because he had taken one of our vans home. He called to see when I was leaving and I told him it would be near 5 pm. He was like, “umm, can I just drive back and get my car?” I said no because it seemed like a waste of his time, but I could sense for some reason he didn’t want me driving his car. When I hopped into his car I found out why he was so nervous…his iPod had been jammin’ to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”… I kinda liked the song too.

If you see Chad you should also congratulate him because he and his wife are expecting their first baby in June!! They know it’s a girl, but I don’t think they have picked a name yet.

Chad has been with us for long enough to see a lot of the changes of this company as we grow and he has been an important part of the changes. What we ask of our drivers today is very different from what we asked of them when we started. We couldn’t be where we are today without people like Chad that are willing to grow with us and help us continue to be successful. Thank you Chad!




Granite Office Kylie Hood #MugShotMonday

Meet Kylie

Our latest “perp” that we brought in for #MugShotMonday is none other than Kylie aka “Hoodie.” She’s been charged with multiple counts of Disorderly Conduct and Disturbing The Peace. The most heinous of which is probably her choice of music in the office…would anyone out there like to borrow the world’s worst music CD?

Granite Office Kylie Hood #MugShotMonday smirking


We brought her in for questioning about this “music” and other incidents and here’s what she shared:

What do you like in your Granite Office MugK-Cups Apple Cider and Sharpie Highlighters

Hot Apple Cider (GOL06201)

What is your favorite Office Product?

Sharpie Retractable Highlighters (SAN28101)

What’s one thing you love about your job?

The people I work with

Kylie started with us over 3 years ago. She is really smart and helps us a lot. She has done a number of things to help us grow this company. She has been attending the University of Utah studying Family Consumer Studies and will be graduating this Spring! We have worked around her busy school schedule because, frankly, when you find someone this smart and adept at doing things well, you make it work for them. Maybe someday she will move on to bigger and better things (if there is such a thing as bigger and better than office supplies and office furniture) and we will be sad to see her go despite the horrible music she feels inclined to share.

Thank you Kylie for everything you do for us!




Granite Office #MugShotMonday Kylie Hood Side Profile Granite Office Kylie Hood #MugShotMonday Smiling

Steve W Mugshot

This week we brought Steve Wardle to Granite Office prison for questioning. He surrendered himself peacefully and answered all inquiries without hesitation. We’re putting him to work to be the best Sales Man ever. First we had to ask him a couple questions to get to know him a little bit better.

1. What are you in for?PIL46507
Armed Robbery

2. What is your street name?

3. What hot beverage do you like in your Granite Office mug?
Apple Cider

4. Favorite Office Product?

Erasable Highlighters – PIL46507

5. What is one thing that you love about your job?
The people

We first met Steve when he showed up at our office asking if we needed another driver. His timing was perfect and we put him to work right away. He transitioned to sales fairly soon after starting because it became quite obvious he could do the job if he put his mind to it. This dude can sell. If you are one of his customers you already know how much Steve will do to help you get what you need. And he will continue to improve as a salesman because he is learning more and more how to better take care of existing and future customers. Steve has been with Granite Office for 3 years and we plan on him helping us succeed at becoming the #1 choice for office supplies, office furniture and promotional products in Utah.

So Steve is off the hook and will not be spending anytime in the klink. He’s got a lot of work to do and we are happy to see him back on the streets making sales happen! Thank you Steve!

Steve W Side ProfileSteve W. Smile

Steven Mug Shot


We have cuffed another one of the Granite Office Crew. Steven “King Pin” Harris has been the next person we have nabbed. We had to bring him down and had to find out more about him. Here are some of the answers he had.

What are you in for?HEWCE505D copy
Bank Robbery

What is your street name?
King Pin

What beverage do you like in your Granite Office Mug?

What is your favorite Office Product?
HEWCE505D – Dual Pack HP Toner (pretty sure he likes toner cause it’s easy to deliver…)

What is one thing that you love about your job?
It’s laid back and I love the people I work with

Steven has gotten his street name for his impressive bowling skills. When he isn’t robbing banks, Steven is at the bowling alley knocking pins down. He has his own ball and everything that you’d need. He is a hard worker here at Granite Office and we appreciate all that he does.

Steven has been working with us since August 2010 and he’s been an integral part of our growth. He’s a safe and efficient driver and rarely makes mistakes. The customers he delivers to know him well and we have never received a complaint and have heard plenty of positive feedback. If you have Steven as your driver feel free to comment and let us know what you think of the good work he does.

Thank you Steve for all your help!


PS after getting booked in Steve did end up shaving the beard



Steven Side View

Robyn Mugshot


We have another culprit behind bars this week. Robyn, like many others, has been booked into our Granite Office Jail and with that comes the questions. Here’s how the grilling went:

1. What are you in for?
Drug Distribution. (Candy)GOL06785 - MMM6545PK copy

2. What is your street name?

3. What hot beverage do you like in your Granite Office mug?
Green Mountain French Vanilla Coffee

4. What is your favorite office product?
Post-It Notes – Capetown Colors

5. What is one thing that you love about your job?
The variety

As Robyn said above she does a lot of different things for us here. She is able to handle our Accounts Receivable and a number of other fun bean-counting responsibilities and then move right into customer service or sales support tasks. She is always working hard and stays on top of everything. Robyn has been with us for almost 2 years and we are so glad to have her here. She makes work a lot easier for everyone. And if you ever pass by her desk you will definitely find Starburst or another treat she has to share. Thank you Robyn for all you do.

Upon further review we are gonna let Robyn continue her practice of sharing her candy…


Robyn Side Profile


Granite Office #MugShotMonday Promotion

Another person is behind bars, Bucky “Daddy B” Cash. We have brought him in for multiple counts of “slaughtering the competition.” He definitely looks like he has been slaughtering the competition. We had to take him into questioning to find out a little more. Here is the interview we had:

What are you in here for?

I’ve been out kicking the competitions tail, you gotta problem with that?

What is your street name?UniBinder 8 copy

Daddy B

What hot beverage do you like in your Granite Office mug?

Chai Tea

What is your favorite office product?

Unibind Punchless Binding Machine

What is one thing that you love about your job?

Meeting new and fun people

Bucky started with us 3 1/2 years ago and the time has flown by. He came to know us when he started using Granite Office while working for one of our customers. One day he came to our corporate headquarters (a.k.a our old hole in the wall warehouse/office that we have since moved from) and wanted to find out about employment opportunities. His timing was perfect as we just had an opening for customer service pop up and he took that over quite nicely. Bucky has always had the customers best interest in mind whenever he does his job. His ability to help people find what they need and go above and beyond the call-of-duty has been awesome. After working in customer service for the first 2 years he moved into outside sales and has been doing just what we brought him in for, “slaughtering the competition.” We are thrilled to have Bucky be a part of the team and look forward to working with him for many more years to come.

Oh, and we determined we are not only letting him off, but we are gonna encourage him to keep whooping up on our competitors:)

Granite Office #MugShotMonday Bucky Cash Side Profile Picture



Chris Smiling Mug Shot


This Monday we caught the crazy Chris Prows. He had a warrant out for his arrest for “smelling too good.” When we brought him into questioning, there was no doubt that his cologne did, in fact, smell good.

Chris has been working here since December 2010 and we have loved him being here. He is such a hard worker. Here is his Q&A for our Granite Office Jail.

What are you in for?

Smelling Too Yummy


What is your street name? GOJ1450D8 copy



What hot beverage do you like in your Granite Office mug?



What is your favorite office product?

Purell Hand Sanitizer


What is one thing that you love about your job?

Driving and meeting new people.


“Bubba” makes a great addition to our Granite Office team.

Chris Cross-Eyed

Chris Side Profile






We just nabbed Julia Day and have taken her to Granite Jail. She may seem super sweet and innocent, however, she is very intelligent and a mastermind.

In reality, Julia works for us restocking and checking inventory. Without Julia our stock would not be what it needs to be. She is very important to us and such a hard worker. We admire her and her sweet personality. She goes through product one by one and counts it all to keep our inventory levels current and up to date. With all the product that we have in our warehouse, we applaud her for all that she does.

With #mugshotmonday, we asked her a couple questions as well as took her mugshot at our jail. You can see her picture on our Instagram page,

We asked her several questions and here they are:

-What are you in for?PIL31382, MMM2027RCR, office products, granite office,
Drug dealing- which is NOT true

-What is your street name?
Day Jay- she’s a part time DJ

-What hot beverage do you like in your Granite Office mug?
Hot Chocolate

-What is your favorite office product?
Post-it Notes or Gel Pens

-What is one thing that you love about your job?
It is pretty laid back

We like to keep things fun here at Granite Office. Lately we have been promoting our Granite Office mugs, and we are continuing to do that. There are a couple of ways to get one for yourself!

1. Spend $400 or more with us and choose it instead of the brownie or cookie.

2. “Like” our Facebook page, take a mugshot of your own, and answer these 5 questions:

-What are you in for?Julia 2
-What is your street name? (be creative)
-What hot beverage do you like in your mug?
-What is your favorite office product?
-What is one thing that you love about Granite Office?


Happy #mugshotmonday from yours truly!


-Granite Office


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